A Proven Technology Partner

Established in 2007 and based in Las Vegas Nevada, National Broadband Services (NBS) is a registered low voltage contractor specializing in fiber optic, data, and coaxial cable installations in motels, hotels, casinos, hospitals, housing complexes, educational facilities, and convention centers.


With many years under its belt as a coaxial installer, NBS can be relied on for television, camera, and other coaxial installation and balancing projects.

Copper & Fiber

Whether it's telephone, network, copper, or fiber, NBS handles installations large and small in any environment.


From wifi designs to final signal surveys in large or small deployments, NBS can be relied on for any wireless project.

What's Different About NBS?

Attention To Detail

NBS’s attention to detail is unequaled in the industry. Whether its our technicians applying a delicate hand to exterior facings or just maintaining the cleanliness of high-end hotel rooms, NBS knows how to get the job done with minimal impact.

Jobsite Cleanliness

With jobsite cleanliness becoming a lost concept with contractors today, NBS always aims to stand out from the pack by leaving a facility cleaner than it was when we arrived.


NBS prides itself on keeping everyone informed and advised of the statuses, developments, and technical details involved in a project. Our technicians and project managers are always available, never out of touch, and never too busy to take a customer’s call.


The documentation that NBS provides once a project is completed is also second to none. Whether it's blueprints, diagrams, photographs, or all of the above, NBS ensures there's a clear picture of a project.

Doing It Right The First Time

Avoiding repeat performances is our goal for every job, no matter how big or small. NBS can be counted on to get it right the first time.

We Work WITH You

With many years experience operating in meticulous environments like luxury hotels and hospitals, NBS has a proven reputation for meeting demands without interfering with day to day operations.

Adhering To Regulations

With experience in government facilities and universities, NBS also excels at adhering to regulations while still getting the job done on time and on budget.

We'll Figure It Out!

Many facilities lack proper documentation of existing systems, or else no longer have personnel fully knowledgeable of how everything operates. NBS is often called in to help investigate the works, providing documented working knowledge where there was once gray areas.

Reliable & Dependable

These aren't just empty words on a website, NBS has a referral list of many satisfied customers that can attest to our company's history of being reliable and dependable at every job.

Some Examples Of Our Work